Our Ingredients

IWLT provides the best formulation with skin-friendly biomimetic compositions and natural plant-derived ingredients for your skin

Skin-friendly biomimetic compositions

_bio mimetic water

A composition of Mineral, Amino acid, Protein, Phospholipid, and Peptide that helps active ingredients quickly absorbed into the deeper skin


_ceramide NP

A natural skin barrier composition that forms a protective layer to plump skin and prevent it from dehydration


_hyaluronic acid

A naturally occurring carbohydrate molecule in our bodies packed with skin boosting benefits like intense hydration and revitalization



A natural composition found in all human cells which is proven to have skin revitalizing effect by stimulating Collagen production

Natural plant-derived ingredients

_critimum maritimum callus culture filtrate

Marine plant stem cell extract that powerfully retains moisture in the skin and promotes skin renewal



French maritime pine bark extract that offers extensive natural skin health benefits like skin cell regeneration and rejuvenation



Purifying green algae packed with potent antioxidants that detoxify and defend skin against external aggressions



Complex of seven Alpine plant extracts that brightens and evens skin tone