About Our Founder

Reasons people love her.

K-beauty trendsetter, Yeon Ah Han

Yeon Ah Han has been in the beauty and fashion industry for 14+ years. She is currently running the website & her blog where she introduces multiple up-and-coming beauty brands to Korean beauty community. She kept putting her best effort to follow up the trends of beauty industry and introducing indie beauty brands she believed in their potential, which led to the result of building a huge fan base of 198k Instagram followers. She never stopped communicating with her fans and potential customers. That’s how she earned trust from them.

No more “I’m too busy” excuses, IWLT is with you.

Representing modern-day lifestyle of millenials

Fashionista, Blogger, Influencer, Entrepreneur, and Mom. There are so many words to describe her. As one of the millenials living a busy lifestyle, she deeply understands the difficulties of maintaining healthy skin while keeping track of working schedule at the same time. She wanted all the modern day passionate people to become free from skin concerns. That’s how IWLT was born. With IWLT, you can have healthy flawless skin no matter how tough your day was.

Products for herself, products for all.

To find out the most effective one for the skin

Every IWLT product has been tested on herself and strictly selected to create the products with best efficacy. After realizing that none of the skin care brands could fulfill her needs and wants, she decided to create her own beauty products, which have high quality but are easy-to-use at the same time. Based on the belief that the optimized formulation of the ingredients, regardless of the fact that they are 100% natural derived or not, works best, she created the best products for herself, for all. And now, many IWLT consumers’ reviews can vouch for this.